Chennai vs. Vadalur

     Vallalar devotee of Chennai got several problems from his relatives. So he would visit Vadalur often and pray to Vallalar to escape from the problems. One day, when he was meditating in Gnanasabai at Vadalur, a devotee came by himself and told him that if he wants to live happily with full grace of Vallalar, he has to settle in Vadalur with family. Stuck with surprise and shock, he was stunned as to how can he manage his career, children's education etc if comes to Vadalur. So he prayed to Vallalar that he could not come to Vadalur as he did not want to part from the place where he was born and since he felt that the future of his children would be spoiled. He tried to draw lot before Vallalar twice, but the answer was negative only. Half heartedly, they vacated their own house at Chennai and started to Vadalur. On the way, some political party was demonstrating something and hence they had to wait for half an hour in their car. This also appeared as a bad omen for them. However, after coming to Vadalur, they felt a great change. They got a house to their liking, the business was going right and the environment was pleasing to them. They could get admission in a reputed school for their children and all their worries disappeared. They now do the regular spiritual chores in Ayya's place itself.

Conclusion : Ayya doesn't invite people that easily. And when he calls and if we obey him with full faith, we don't need any other happiness or security. Our life is an example for this. Those who have faith cannot fail. We can feel the greatness of Vadalur, only if we come here. Come to Vadalur and get the Grace of Vallalar.